Audi Problems Tied to Lawsuits

Excessive Oil Consumption

It's normal for cars with six-figure odometer readings to burn a little oil. But recently a few automakers have been building specific engines that require a topping off of the oil reservoir in between changes. Audi tries to tell you this i

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Sunroof Leaks

Multiple defects with the sunroof drainage system are causing massive amounts of leak problems for Audi owners. The water is soaking headliners, creating unsafe amounts of condensation, and short circuiting sensitive electronic components.

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Busted Timing Chains

Audi's EA888 2.0-liter engine has a history of tensioner problems in its timing chain. The loose chain is to blame for multiple occurances of catastrophic engine failure. Audi was forced to offer settlement offers, including an extended war

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DSG Transmission Shifting

Audi's DSG transmissions have multiple problems resulting in violent shaking as it shifts between gears. A class-action lawsuit says the problem is expecially prevelant while accelerating or slowing down through 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear. Audi

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Turbocharged Oil Sludge

From 1997-2005, Audi 1.8-liter turbocharged engines came with a tiny 3.7 quart oil capacity. That’s simply not a lot of oil to cool down this hot engine. In 2004, following numerous sludge complaints, Audi extended the warranty on some of

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Audi Lawsuit News

Audi Blamed in A4 Crash

A jury has blamed Audi for injuries sustained during an A4 Quattro crash.

It's a sad story. An 11-year-old boy was sitting behind his father, the driver, when the car was struck from behind. The force of the impact caused the driver's seat … continue reading