1. No Audi vehicles have been recalled for Takata airbags ... yet.

    But news of another death caused by the defective inflators has the community on edge.

    "NHTSA says the death occurred to a teenage boy who was behind the wheel of a 2001 Honda Accord. Early reports suggest the boy was only 13 and had taken the car for an unauthorized joy ride, running off the road and striking a tree."

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    aking in front of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee, VW USA CEO, Michael Horn, didn't have much good news to share. Horn said he believes each vehicle will require 5 to 10 hours of work to bring the cars legal according to the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, Mr. Horn said it's possible repairs on the cars could cost more than the value of the cars.

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  3. Volkswagen, parent company of Audi, has been caught cheating EPA rules by a team of researchers.

    The company used a "defeat device" to get around EPA emissions standards for air pollution.

    "The EPA says the "defeat device" is sophisticated software on VW cars that detects when the car is going through official emissions testing. When the software recognizes an official test is underway, it turns on full emissions controls to make it appear the emission standards are within the rules. Once the official tests are completed, the emission controls are decreased during normal driving."…

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  4. Here's something that doesn't happen every day. Despite agreeing with the Audi defense team's arguments, a Californian Judge is giving Audi owners help with their oil consumption problems.

    A lawsuit was filed against Audi accusing them of manufacturing engines that chug through pints of oil like a sailor in port. In court, Audi didn't deny the issue but instead argued why it didn't matter.…

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  5. Federal investigators couldn't figure out why perfectly good fuel pumps were failing in some Volkswagen (and Audi) vehicles.

    The investigation lasted 4 years and had VW's full cooperation.

    The pumps seemed fine and even came with built-in margins for fuels that were slightly out of specification. What the pumps couldn't handle is owners filling up their diesel engines with gasoline.…

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