California Lawsuit Filed Against VW over ‘Clean Diesels'

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Scott McCracken
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A class-action lawsuit has been filed in California saying VW wouldn't have been able to sell a single vehicle in the US without their defeat devices. The suit claims Volkswagen and Audi have violated California's Unfair Competition Law and is particularly upset about the brash "clean diesel" campaign that fooled consumers.

"_The lawsuit alleges Volkswagen breached warranties by selling diesel vehicles with a defeat device which makes the emissions control system practically meaningless, and defective. Further, the lawsuit accuses VW of selling vehicles with emissions standards that don't meet federal law by using a device that can't be fixed without altering advertised fuel economy and the performance of the vehicles.

The plaintiffs claim they would not have paid what they did or possibly wouldn't have purchased the VW diesel vehicles if the automaker would have admitted the vehicles couldn't pass emissions tests._"

Expect many, many more of these.

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