Q5 News Archive

  1. 2019

    1. January

      • There’s an important deadline coming up for Audi owners who previously paid for repairs to their timing chain system or damaged engine from a timing chain failure, and want the automaker to pick...

  2. 2018

    1. December

      • A couple years ago the 2007-2012 Q7 and 2009-2012 Q5 were recalled to fix leaking fuel pump flanges. At the time, there weren’t enough replacement flanges to go around. In a let’s-see-if-this-wo...

    2. October

    3. September

    4. May

  3. 2017

    1. July

    2. May

    3. February

      • Volkswagen has released a settlement update for 83,000 Audi, Porsche, and VW vehicles with TDI engines. And methinks owners are going to be Scrooge McDuck levels of happy.

    4. January

      • Audi is recalling 234,000 of the 2011-2017 Q5 SUVs because their side airbags can explode into pieces, potentially doing more harm than good. While this sounds a whole lot like the Takata fiasco...

      • Finally! Some news about Audi that doesn’t involve diesel emissions or Takata airbags. I mean this does involve your engine potentially catching on fire, but we have to start somewhere. From Car...

  4. 2016

    1. November

      • 2016 has been the year of emissions cheating. There’s been so much talk about VW’s massive diesel cover-up that it sure would be nice to finish out the year without hearing the words “defeat” or...

    2. October

      • Back in 2015, owners started complaining to Audi that they were smelling gas inside their cars. Not much was done about it, maybe just a thank you for your concern and some pre-canned response a...

    3. July

    4. May

      • A timing chain tensioner lawsuit has been filed in New Jersey claiming multiple Audi and VW vehicles are at risk of complete engine failure due to a manufacturing defect. From CarComplaints.com:...

    5. February

      • VW has issued a recall for 850,000 vehicles with defective Takata airbag inflators, 170,000 of which belong to Audi.

        “Volkswagen says the driver’s side frontal airbags use “non-desiccate...

      • VW says 734 model year 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan and Audi Q5 vehicles have seat-mounted airbags that could explode on the front driver or passenger side.

        “In June 2015, VW learned of an acc...

  5. 2015

    1. November

      • More VW and Audi emissions recalls will be needed now that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has hit the company with a second notice of Clean Air violations. Fool me once, shame on you....

    2. June

      • Here’s something that doesn’t happen every day. Despite agreeing with the Audi defense team’s arguments, a Californian Judge is giving Audi owners help with their oil consumption problems.