Audi Owners Are Tired of Waiting for their Replacement Coolant Pumps

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Scott McCracken
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Audi coolant pumps have been recalled (twice!) but their replacements aren’t ready yet. So what’s an owner who can’t drive their car supposed to do? Wait, apparently.

A new lawsuit wants Audi to at least pony up for free loaner vehicles. Heck, I’m guessing some owners would even take an actual pony. Anything to get to work without starting a fire!

The pumps were first recalled in January 2017 because excess moisture was causing them to short-circuit and start fires. Audi installed a software update that essentially just turned the pumps off when they got too hot. Not. Helpful.

A second recall was announced to replace the part entirely, but those won’t be available until November 2018 (at the earliest).

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