Where Interior Complaints Happen

Sometimes it helps just to tally up the complaints and see where the biggest stacks are. Use this information to learn about troublespots or to run for the hills.

Recent Interiors News

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  1. The 2018 A3 and RS 3 have been recalled because some of them are missing the latching pins that hold the rear center headrest in place.

    Audi says their tier 3 supplier mixed properly latched headrests with unlatched ones. The recall affects over 20,000 cars worldwide and is already underway.

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  2. The head restraint guide that keeps it attached to the seat frame may not have been properly welded in 169 Audi and VW vehicles.

    Certain 2018 Volkswagen e-Golf, Golf R, Audi A3 Sedan and RS3 vehicles that need the rear seat frames replaced will need their rear seat frames replaced.…

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