Audi Wants to Stop Your Engine From Catching Fire

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Scott McCracken
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Finally! Some news about Audi that doesn't involve diesel emissions or Takata airbags. I mean this does involve your engine potentially catching on fire, but we have to start somewhere. From

"In 2015 and 2016, Audi learned of incidents involving overheating in the engine compartments, so an investigation was opened in 2016 to track down the problem. Engineers determined foreign materials and debris could block the coolant pumps, leading to overheating, smoldering and a severe risk of fire."

Audi decided to not really fix the problem, just to shut it down before it can get too bad. They did this in the form of a software update that turned off the pump once it clogged.

Unfortunately that didn't do anything to ... you know ... stop the pump from getting clogged up. Hopefully this recall fixes that.

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