Fuel Leaking Through Cracked Gas Caps

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Scott McCracken
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Back in 2015, owners started complaining to Audi that they were smelling gas inside their cars. Not much was done about it, maybe just a thank you for your concern and some pre-canned response about how we value you as a customer, yadda yadda. But then...

"The automaker found small cracks in the fuel pump flanges but couldn't determine the root cause, but engineers found that adding butyl rubber bands fixed the problem."

Oh, would you look at that? The issue affects the 2009-2012 Q5 and 2007-12 Q7.

The fix is relatively simple, but Audi doesn't have enough of those rubber bands ready. So, I'm guessing there's another canned response coming owners' way while they wait for the recall.

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