A Judge Just Ruled That Audi's Start-System Operates As Intended

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Scott McCracken
Digital tachometer with a glowing green 'A' indicating auto-start stop is on

Another Audi start-stop lawsuit has been dismissed after the judge ruled that the owner's manual clearly states the Start-Stop system may turn off the engine before the car comes to a complete stop. Is that all it takes to win in court? Be prepared for your next owner's manual to say "cars might catch on fire due to thermodynamics" just to cover all the bases.

Keys to this dismissal

  • Audi's start-stop system feels dangerous to owners because it shuts off the engine too soon, so as to disengage power steering and power brakes before the vehicle has come to a stop.
  • But the judge says that simply how the system is supposed to operate and any perceived problems don't breach any implied warranty. They must drive a Mercedes.
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