Former Audi Managers Indicted in Diesel Emissions Case

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Scott McCracken
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Four Audi engineering managers have been indicted for their roles in installing and concealing the infamous emissions “defeat devices." Among their charges are conspiracy, violations of the Federal Clean Air Act, and wire fraud.

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  • Martin Winterkorn, former CEO of Volkswagen, is facing similar indictments but can’t be charged because he isn’t the USA. Something tells me he won’t be vacationing here anytime soon.
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Audi Caught Cheating with Defeat Devices. Twice.

Audi was caught cheating on its diesel emissions with defeat devices. Twice. It started with the widespread dieselgate story for 2.0L 4-cylinder engines and was followed with a lesser known cheat for vehicles with the ZF 8-speed transmiss

Cloud of emissions from a tail pipe

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